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Posted by breakoutbrandon on April 27, 2011

UPDATE 5/3/13

First time this year out at the drag strip.

UPDATE: 4/25/13

Tuning is almost completed with FT F21's, SRM side mounts, 034 X34, Carbon RS4 Y-Pipe, 3in downpipes, 3.5 Single exhaust, 95mm MAF housing and E85.

In 2010 we picked up a mostly un-modified B5 S4 with 110k miles. Not long after, and thanks to an abundance of cheap internet deals, parts boxes came pouring in.

With the goal of inexpensive performance in mind, a CXracing front mount and SSAC downpipes were ordered.  Then thanks to Audizine.com info, a home-made "Darintake" soon appeared.  Top notch parts like JH Motorsports' drivetrain stabilizer and shifter and 034 Motorsport poly snub mount were sourced shortly after.

After all the bolting was finished, and the fluids changed we were ready to crank the Forge MBC.  630cc injectors went in the motor and E85 in the tank.  Many hours of  staring at computer screens and Innovate LM-2 wideband data later we took it to the dragstrip..

Looking to verify the gobs of E85 fueled torque we took it to local tuning shop Street Tuned Motorsports dyno day...

A few months later the S4 starting making not so sweet sounds from the passenger turbo.

We looked at all the options for replacements, keeping with the cheap and simple theme we started with FrankenTurbo's were the clear choice.

And as it sat, waiting for some love.