V8 A4

Posted by breakoutbrandon on August 17, 2012

Upon receiving a bare partially parted shell from FL, we decided to do what anybody would do in this situation and slap a 4.2 Audi V8 from an A6 into it.

Modifications include:

Modified Euro S6 Manual Transmission Binary for use with the A6 4.2 flap system and launch control

Custom radiator lines and aluminum radiator

Milltek A6 4.2 Catless downpipes

Stainless 2.5 " X-Pipe

SSAC B5 S4 Catback exhaust

034 Motorsport V8 Engine Mounts

Custom Snub mount bracket

JHM DTS Bar as the transmission mount (stock 01A 1.8t Transmission)

Lower motor mount brackets from C5 A6 4.2

RS4 Clutch Fidanza S4 Flywheel S4 transmission spacer