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V8 Swap Clutch Switch DIY

Posted by breakoutbrandon on October 11, 2012

For everybody running a V8 A4/S4 Manual Swap with ME7 Automatic wiring here's how to get your clutch switch hooked up. This, along with proper manual soft coding, will eliminate rev hang and improve driveability.

Tools required are small screwdrivers for depinning connecters and some wire stripping pliers.


Ok so basically the point of this is to get a wire run from the Pin 13 of the WHITE body/ecu harness plug to Pin 39 of the Large ECU harness plug. 

Because the A6 harness was automatic there is no wire for the clutch switch installed.

Here's what the WHITE plug will like pulled apart, you will have to either steal a pin from a spare harness like I did or buy a new pin from the dealer.



First pull the Black shield off the ECU Plug then pull the purple tab to disassemble. The ECU plug already has the pin installed, you will just have to crimp a wire onto it. Look for tiny pin numbers on the housing and pin tray to make sure you put it back in the right way.



Here's the job complete.