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Mikes TT 225 BT

Posted by breakoutbrandon on April 13, 2012

8/18/2015 600 WHP is upon us!  

Newest addition to the mix was a 3.5" straight thru exhaust we fabricated with the intent to make power.  It worked at 28 psi we are at 617 whp now!


Update with project TT! After making 460hp in the fall we fabricated a 4 inch aluminum intake and switched the HPX maf to draw thru. In addition a larger precision 750hp intercooler was installed and all charge piping was re-fabbed. Power is now up to 530 at the same 23 psi!

2.0L Bottom end built with a FSI crank and JE pistons CAT Cams Fluidampr

Ev14 1150cc Injectors and E85 fuel

Falcon Clutch custom clutch setup

Borg Warner S366 Turbo PTE 750hp Intercooler

HPX Draw Thru Maf in 4" turbo inlet

4 Bar TDI Map Sensor

Force Fed Engineering Top Mount T3 Manifold

AEB Large Port Head with Ferra Valve Train

SEM Intake Manifold

Integrated Engineering Dual Bosch 044 Surge Tank