Eric's Mk2 Gti 18T AWD

Posted by breakoutbrandon on May 6, 2014

1991 MK2 Gti

Car started its life as a lowly 8v. A tired engine and many haphazard previous owners drove me to complete a 1.9L TDI swap in the spring of 2013. Unimpressed and unenthused about the performance of the TDi I pondered ideas. I came to the conclusion I wanted a 20v 1.8T from the Mk4/TT generation. As this thought process continued so did the project. Knowing from previous ownership of a FWD 1.8T gti that even stock power levels left traction to be desired something had to be done........ 

Updated 05/2014 project is progressing slowly, will make updates as things happen. 

The TDI..... as it was. 

Nothing to interesting here, just a stock 1.9TDi chipped with bigger nozzles. 

Honda DeSol Radiator and Custom Intercooler Mounted. 

A proper Drivetrain was sourced from a wrecked TT. 

02M Six Speed with a Haldex Rear differential and all hardware. 

Audi TT front and rear brakes will be used.

A 1.8T begins its life.

AEB Head, SEM Intake Manifold, SPA Cast Exhaust Manifold

2.0L bore with CP Pistons on FSI Crank Shaft

GT2871R Turbo (not pictured)

Note: Gt3576R (wouldn't clear angle drive)

A rear axle/hub solution had to be created as syncro rear beams are hard to come by, expensive when found, and still require lots of fabrication for the haldex rear differential to be mounted. 

The haldex rear end carrier will be mounted to some square tubing welded into the rear structure of the car.

The Stock Mk2 Rear beam will be split and modified to accept some custom designed hub carriers.